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Author Topic: VoIP Billing Software  (Read 1028 times)


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VoIP Billing Software
« on: May 04, 2010, 07:18:41 PM »


The DTH VoIP Billing system has been designed for telephony companies providing class 4 or class 5 service, including hosted PBXs.

We can offer you just our VoIP Billing and Customer Management software which can be integrated into your existing telephony infrastructure or we can put together a custom turnkey solution for you.

DTH Software services businesses in 14 countries including... Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Netherlands Antilles and Croatia. Our worldwide presence is continually expanding.

Read our article on how to choose a VoIP billing solution. http://dthvoipbilling.com/article-choosing-a-voip-billing-software.aspx

Customer Management
Create an unlimited number of customers.
Manage address, billing and payment information.
Maintain unlimited financial history.
Manage all customer services from one page.
Customers can be prepaid or postpaid.
Specify automatic top-ups for prepaid accounts.
Configure spending limits for postpaid accounts.
Search for customers using multiple criteria.
Send preemptive Credit Card Expiry notifications.
Billing and Rating
Bill for usage on DIDs, extensions, virtual numbers, trunks and IP addresses.
Bill one-time fees and other recurring services
Unlimited packages/subscription types.
Unlimited rate sheets.
Rate calls up to 15 digits in granularity.
Unlimited billing intervals. Custom per destination.
Assign a pool of included minutes to specific destinations.
Configure Minimum Billing amounts.
Unratable call reporting and handling.
LCR - Least Cost Routing.
Unlimited billing cycles.
Customizable invoice and email templates.
Percentage-based, fixed-rate and origin-based taxes.
RADIUS Integration.
Penalty Calculation.
Deposit Handling and Interest Calculation.
Automatic Deposit Adjustment.
General ledger compatible with most accounting applications.
Customer Web Portal
View historical invoices.
Make payments.
View call records moments after the call ends.
Manage name, address and billing information.
Online signup for new customers.

Usage, Profit and Financial Reporting
System load by hour, day, month or year.
Concurrent Calls
Highest users by traffic
Usage by Destination
Average Call Duration
Calls Per Second
Revenue Reporting
Aged Receivables
Profit Analysis
Tax Reporting
Reconciliation Reporting
Agent Performance Comparison
Export reports to CSV or PDF.
RADIUS module for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.
Direct integration with ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS server.
Web and Database APIs for integration with other RADIUS servers.
API (Web and Database)
540 system functions exposed in our API.
Custom functions are also available.
Scalable up to 64 processors, 2 terabytes of RAM and unlimited database size.
Support for US, Canadian and overseas payment gateways.