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Author Topic: Voice Guard Control Protocol- Driver for VoIP Anti- Blocking Launched by SpeedVo  (Read 808 times)


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Voice Guard Control Protocol- Driver for VoIP Anti- Blocking Launched by SpeedVoIP

VoIP services have been blocked by some countries since they feel that the quality of the competing services may degrade. Countries like UAE have started blocking these best VoIP technologies outright; in order to propel customers to make use of ISP sponsored services. This is definitely bad news for customers residing in such states because using ISP sponsored services will cost a lot when compared to VoIP services.
What is VoiceGuard?
VoiceGuard is an anti blockage software designed and developed by SpeedVoIP. It works as a layer two link protocols between IP stack and NIC driver for VoIP applications. The best part of using this application is that it does not compromise on the voice quality and other functions. In addition to this, it helps in the controlling and monitoring of voice signals and media flows efficiently.
It also disguises the RTP and SIP packets into normal data packets like DNS and TFTP. This best VoIP service works with any 3rd party softphones and other VoIP applications.

The Key Features of VoiceGuard
Let us look at how VoiceGuard is unique and different from its competitors. Some of the key features of this best VoIP application are as follows:
    It offers maximum  completion of calls rate and duration of voice service
    It supports a variety of drafts and is according to SIP core standards
    This best VoIP service also comes with link layer protocols for controlling data and other applications
    In addition to this the device works with any 3rd-party softphone and other VoIP applications or softwares
    VoiceGuard also comes with unique codecs that can help increase the performance of the services
    It requires no network or firewall modification
    Another major feature of this is that it offers excellent voice quality without any disruptions and hassles performance wise
    This best VoIP application is available on all major platforms
    Some of the technical specification are as follows:
    T.38 Fax
    SIP RFC3261~3266
    STUN RFC3489
    Symmetric Response RFC3581
    DNS, TFTP, Radius wrapper
VoiceGuard is indeed the best VoIP service that can easily allow for two way encryptions and decryption of data and services. In addition to this wonderful service, it also allows subscribers to make use of VoIP services in blockage regions without any hassles or obstructions.
VoiceGuard Products (software and hardware option)


VoiceGuard Communicator (VGCommunicator) Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services;

VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite (VGSCLite) for Windows Perform encryption for any brand of Softphone, such as X-Lite;
VoiceGuard Standalone Client (VGSC) for Windows Perform encryption for  any brand of ATA/gateway/adapter, such as Linksys PAP2 and Grandstream adapter;

VoiceGuard Client SDK (VGSDK) Incorporate voip anti-blocking capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows (Softphone/Dialer customization service is also available with VGSDK);


VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter (VGSPE) VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports;

VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) Hardware, support any brand of ATA/Gateway, such as Linksys PAP2;
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